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Environmental Engineering and Management Journal
ISSN: 1843 - 3707
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Bioremediation of contaminated air using a bioscrubber   
Quality risk evaluation of the groundwater resources on the moldavian area   
Electrochemical characterization of some dental materials in accelerated environmental testing   
Preliminary study of simple and Fenton oxidation with hydrogen peroxide applied on final effluents from a zootechnical farm   
The environmental impact assessment caused by the dykes failure   
Revaluation of beer industry byproducts- medical implications   
Sustainable use of vegetal fibers in composite materials. Sources of vegetal fibers   
Photocatalytic oxidation process of sulfamethazine. Modeling based on neural networks   
The local storage coefficient of a layered soil   
A theoretical analysis of the economy - ecology - environment system   
Impact evaluation within strategic environmental assessment: The case study of the waste management. Regional plan for Kolubara region in Serbia   
Experimental technique for saving energy in oval furnaces   
Involvement of legal responsibility for severe acts of pollution and noncompliance   
Research on the combustion of crude vegetable oils for energetic purposes   
From the risks evaluation to the health and safety preservation at work   
Evolution of emissions of heavy metals in Vaslui County   
Sustainable development research perspectives in EU documents as seen by researchers from ?Gheorghe Asachi?? Technical University of Iasi: A case study   
Reactive dyes removal from wastewater by combined advanced treatment   
Utilization of coal fly ash from power plants II. Geopolymer obtaining   
Exploratory investigation of bioprocesses sustainability improvement by multicriteriamultilevel optimization   
Phytoremediation technology for remediation of radiostrontium (90SR) and radiocaesium (137CS) byCatharanthus roseus (L.) G. don in aquatic environment   
Numerical simulation of pollution with anion SO4 2- for the aquifer inside a metallurgical waste hall   
Researches on possibility to recover and reuse the Iron(II) sulphate from etching of rolled steels   
A study concerning diesel biodegradation in liquid medium, by bioaugmentation, using a Pseudomonas sp. strain   
Iron containing anionic clays supported with iron and cerium oxides as catalyst precursors for NOx reduction   
Preparation and characterization of sodium alginatechitosan microparticles for controlled release of ibuprofen in a sustainable way   
Assessment of some heavy metals in soils, drinking water, medicinal plants and their liquid extracts   
Environmental monitoring of co emissions: Statistical character of acquired data   
Study on the multi-annnual variability of particulate matter PM10 in Suceava City   
Research on the treatment of wastewater in the textile industry   
Treatment and management of distillery fermented fruit spent marc. II. Processing by composting   
Methodology for real estate appraisal of green value   
Plant protection products and their sustainable and environmentally friendly use   
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, Vol. 8 Nr. 3   
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Environmental Engineering and Mangement Journal (EEMJ) a fost lansat de Departamentul de Ingineria si Managementul Mediului din cadrul Universitatii Tehnice Gh. Asachi din Iasi ca o revista de specialitate, in domeniul mediului, initial cu aparitie trimestriala, iar din 2006 cu aparitie bilunara.
EEMJ publica, in limba engleza, lucrari originale ce contin rezultate ale cercetarii stiintifice proprii si informatii privind progresele inregistrate in domeniul chimiei/ingineriei mediului, managementului si educatiei; articole de sinteza; aspecte noi, legate de subiecte relevante din domeniu; recenzii de carti; publicitate.
EEMJ se doreste a fi un periodic de circulatie internationala, care sa publice articole in urmatoarele domenii:
- evaluarea impactului asupra mediului
- managementul integrat al mediului
- evaluarea si managementul riscului
- chimia mediului
- tehnologii de protectie a mediului (aer, apa, sol)
- reducerea poluarii la sursa si minimizarea pierderilor/tehnologii curate/practici de prevenire a poluarii
- ingineria proceselor chimice si biologice
- senzori in controlul mediului
- surse de radiatii si tehnologii de protectie
- tehnologii de valorificare a deseurilor
- managementul deseurilor
- biotehnologii pentru protectia mediului
- energia si mediul
- modelarea, simularea si optimizarea in ingineria mediului
- tehnologia apei potabile si industriale
- evaluarea ciclului de viata a produselor
- productie si consum durabile
- analiza cost-beneficiu in protectia mediului
- ecoproiectare, etichetare ecologica, ecocertificare
- educatie pentru mediu si dezvoltare durabila.
Jurnalul, cu un prestigios Scientific Advisory Board se adreseaza cercetatorilor, proiectantilor, corpului academic, specialistilor cu responsabilitati in domeniul ingineriei, protectiei si managementului mediului, din organizatii guvernamentale (administratie centrala si locala, inspectorate de protectia mediului) sau din companii publice si private. De asemnenea, participantii la cursuri de specializare sau studentii din profilul Ingineria si managementul mediului, cit si alti specialisti, pot gasi in aceasta publicatie o legatura directa intre cererea si oferta pietei ce priveste protectia mediului si administrarea resurselor naturale in context national si international. Jurnalul a fost conceput ca un instrument in sprijinul dezvoltarii relatiilor stiintifice si tehnice intre oameni, care ofera sau/si solicita solutii pentru protectia mediului si conservarea resurselor naturale, creind premisele intensificarii transferului de tehnologie si know-how, confirmarea si asimilarea produselor si serviciilor ecologice. EEMJ publica lucrarile fiecarei editii a Conferintei Internationale de Ingineria si Managementul Mediului (ICEEM), organizata odata la doi ani, incepand din 2002, de catre Departamentul de Ingineria si Managementul Mediului. 

EEMJ este recenzat si indexat in:
Chemical Abstracts Service/SciFinder (ACS) (incepand cu Volumul 1, Nr. 1/2002)
Consiliul National al Cercetarii Stiintifice in Invatamantul Superior,
CNCSIS (Categoria A)
EBSCO Database (incepand cu Volumul 1, Nr. 1/2002)
Index Copernicus Journal Master List (factor de impact ICV/2007=9.00)
Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition (Thomson ISI)
Science Citation Index Expanded  (SciSearch Thomson ISI)
Thomson ISI Master
Journal List Web of Science (Thomson ISI)

Revista este in curs de evaluare pentru includere in:
Cambridge Scientific Abstract
Elsevier Bibliografic Databases
FSTA/IFIS Database
OVID Database

Revistele sunt publicate prin Editura ECOZONE a Organizatiei Academice de Ingineria Mediului oi Dezvoltare Durabila

Legaturi Utile:
First International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, ICEEM01
Second International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, ICEEM02
Third International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, ICEEM03


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