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Autori: Anatol Sochireanu, Ciupercă Rodion, Ion Bodnariuc, Ion Bostan, Ion Dicusară, Ion Sobor, Iulian Malcoci, Marin Guţu, Nicolae Trifan, Oleg Ciobanu, Radu Ciobanu, Radu Crudu, Valeriu Dulgheru, Viorel Bostan, Vitalie GladÓş
Data aparitiei: August 2011
Revista: Environmental Engineering and Management JournalVol. 10Nr. 8
ISSN: 1843 - 3707
Pret: 25.00 RON    
Under the circumstances of the deficit in total energetic resources of the Republic of Moldova, non-traditional sources as wind,
solar and hydraulic energies are very opportune. Concurrently with the conventional energy resources (fossil fuels, atomic energy
etc.), wind energy begins to regain its positions not only from ecological, but also from economical point of view. Also, the wind
energy conversion systems could play a significant role in the production of mechanical, electrical energy in the Republic of
Moldova, in particular for providing the individual consumer with energy using wind turbines of low power (until 30 kW). In
order to redress the situation of the energy sector, the Government of the Republic of Moldova, through the agency of the
Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development (Academy of Sciences of Moldova), initiated several National
Programs, addressing the elaboration of renewable energy conversion systems as well.
This paper describes some research and application of the industrial prototypes of horizontal axis wind microturbines with power
of 10 kW, which include some new elements comparative to the already existing systems. These wind turbines are intended to be
installed in different geographic areas of the Republic and tested. Some results are included in this paper.


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