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Autori: J.W. Lin, Jarmila Kopecká, Kim Ragaert, Ludwig Cardon, Maarten De Groote, Rolf Koster
Data aparitiei: August/2011
Revista: Environmental Engineering and Management JournalVol. 10Nr. 8
ISSN: 1843 - 3707
Pret: 25.00 RON    
This work concerns studies related to strategic development of products in which bio-based plastics are or will be applied, referred
to as bio-based products. The studies cover (1) current and potential benefits of bio-based products in extended value chains
including activities after end-of-life of products, (2) value communication between stakeholders in extended value chains, and (3)
creating an integrated development approach for optimized bio-based products. Most existing models for value chains were found
to be one-way single-flow models to which iterations and interactions have been added to obtain realistic representations of best
practices. Interviews of thirteen professionals clarified some barriers between the current implementation of bio-based plastics and
the ideal sustainable value chain fulfilment. The most noticeable barriers included trustful information sharing, information and
knowledge gaps, sub-optimum application of bio-based plastics, and the need for facilitating product design. The main designers'
needs are increased integrated literacy related to bio-based materials, eco-effectiveness and a more effective communication
competence in value chains. Based on all findings, six approaches of design tasks integration into value chains have been
proposed. These approaches encourage designers to think and act widely across value chains and particularly help implement life
cycle thinking to achieve profitable sustainability.


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